L'imaginaire de la fée par l'ange

Shanghai night

4 Mai 2014 , Rédigé par Stéphane Publié dans #Chansons, #Asie, #Shanghai

I look softly an angel at night
There’s something about you
In the city girl
I enjoy the moment
It’s very hard to explain
I feel something inside me
As the pinching of the strings of violin
I look softly an angel in the city
There’s something about you
At night girl
The lights go out on the city
The thunder in my body
It’s raining on Shanghai
Then protect me in your Chinese dream
This night in Shanghai I fall
Do you fall with me ?
This is love, this is love
Oh girl come with me

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flipperine 04/05/2014 11:30

il manque la traduction mais ça parle de la nuit et d'amour